jt_small~where the light meets the edge

James Torrenzano’s photography has been influenced by his personal journey to “seek” the light. “What is Essential is Invisible to the Eye,” a valedictorian speech that continues to shape James’ photo journey. It is here, inside the invisible, that I shape the light to meet the edge of form and create a symphony for the viewer.

“Each home I photograph, I envision how light interacts with the form.  What light will show the craft of the builder; how will color shape emotion and how furniture plays with movement. Each of these form an interplay that creates an essence of an image for the viewer to be swept away by the possibilities”

James Torrenzano A.T.R. was an  art therapist who worked in the Fairfax County School System in Virginia, a former faculty member for over eighteen years at Marymount University teaching art therapy and psychology classes and a professional magician. During his time teaching 1980-2011,  Mr Torrenzano  crossed paths with over 5000 kids. James retired from FCPS after 31 years teaching art and psychology and is now focused on web design, photography and video. His educational site can be found at:  A Zen Moment.

A dynamic speaker from the heart, Mr Torrenzano presented seminars throughout the country on The Healing Power of Art. Mr Torrenzano’s work was inspired by the philosophy of Jung, Campbell, and Eliade and his thirty one years of working as an art therapist with people of all ages.  He was nominated for “Teacher of the Year” in Fairfax County Public Schools.

He currently works as the photographer for Creighton Enterprises

James can be reached at 703-927-0388.